Heather Wilks - Dowsing Heals


What is Dowsing?

                       Simplistically, An ancient way of locating things.  It began as a way of locating water and was known as water divining.  

Dowsing has been used to locate energies, substances, missing people, animals or lost objects. It can also be used to source information and as a means to find and change energy. 

          Heather Wilks, author of Dowsing Heals presents this interesting and practical workshop concentrating on Pendulum Dowsing. Change your life with this ancient art.  [Book also available in store] 

Each participant of this Workshop receives a copy Heather Wilks' book ‘Dowsing Heals’ to work with and take home.

 We welcome expressions of interest. There is no current date set for this workshop. Let me know by using the contact us form. or dropping by ORACLE WISDOM, McKinnon