Oracle Wisdom offers a variety of interesting and fun workshops during the year. Some of these are :

  • Tarot - Workshop over 6 Sundays. 
  • Palmistry for Beginners – explores major lines, hand and finger shapes, size of the hand and many other aspects. [A 3 hour workshop]
  • Tea Leaf Reading – Learn about the correct tea to use, rituals, symbols and practice readings. [A 2 hour workshop]
  • Coffee Cup Reading – Similar [but not the same] to tea, we explore ritual, symbols and practice readings. [A 2 & half hour workshop]
  • Fortune Telling Cards – Together, we explore 4 different decks and how they are used. [2 hrs]
  • Dowsing –  Pendulums
  • Tapping -FasterEFT is a form of healing using a series of tapping, visualisation and statements. [Approx 2.5 hour workshops]




Learn to read Tarot Cards in 6 Sundays. 

Begins 26th February     10.30 - 5 pm [approx]


2 days Major Arcana  ->   26th Feb & 5th March

2 days Minor Arcana  -> 19th & 26th March 

2 days PRACTICAL - Readings, spreads, timing, photo reading with Tarot, Answering Questions, Professional standards.  Dates will be set with group.  


Maximum participants  8/10    

Fees, enrolment please apply instore at Oracle Wisdom - call Paula to set a time.... 0413 610 920