Paula is a professional counsellor specialising in Relationship Counselling.

By appointment only.  

Relationship Counselling can cover a wide variety of areas in a person's life. There are Family Relationships  - parents, siblings, children, friendships, partners, work colleagues, etc. There is also Grief and Loss, as well as general counselling.       

Sometimes people prefer to have just counselling. Its your session, we dont need to use cards at all.  Some like to have both, either way its fine. Confidential, respectful of anothers beliefs and feelings. 

After a personal session or talking with friends, people sometimes will ask for follow up Counselling sessions.  We are dealing with a person's private life and not everyone will share the content of their private life, so its really generous when they do.  

There is NO need to have a Reading prior to making an appointment for Counselling.  Readings are not everyone's way and we respect that. 


New clients are asked to pay a deposit before their session. UNLESS its a dire emergency, Paula does not take appointmenys on Sundays. Saturdays please book at least a week ahead. 

Please Call for your appointment.  0413 610 920

Counselling can help Counselling sessions are separate from, and not readings. Tarot cards are generally NOT used for counselling sessions. A counselling session is a supportive conversation between trusted parties. As many people like the idea of using cards, and with agreement from both parties, we may do a reading after dealing with some of the issues.  A reading can be useful as it can give hope and something to look forward to. Often many relate well to Symbolon cards.  Symbolon cards are psychology cards NOT Tarot, and not predictive.  These cards focus on the client, their vulnerabilities or where they are stuck and direction to take, and what they are learning. 

Readings can be a mix of both intuitive skills and cards and counselling.

 Many come because of concerns about their relationships. However, relationships come in many forms – partnership/marriage, parents, siblings, children as well as dealing with colleagues at work. Parents may benefit with support in dealing with their children. Both parents are encouraged and welcome to the session when it concerns children.

Counselling can also include assertiveness training, coping with being a single parent, or Life Cycle changes.  Some of the changes may be such as children moving out from home, retirement, personal disappointments, motivation, moving, dealing with the elderly, siblings, loss of life partner and other forms of Grief, any of which can affect a person’s health as well as their emotional well being.