Counselling & Guidance

Paula is a Counselling Clairvoyant.

Many years ago, I picked up Tarot Cards and I fell in love.  This began my life journey. The different cards held a certain magic for me. I began learning not just the stories associated with the different decks but also to listen to what was happening to the client, their story and their frame of reference. What started out as Tarot Card Readings soon showed me that I needed practical tools as well to be able to help people. Within a few short months I found myself studying to be a professional counsellor. I wanted to learn the appropriate ways to be of use to others. 

 Over the years I studied General Counselling, Grief and Loss, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, read really inspiring books and met mentors on the way and this led me to Family Therapy, many systems under the one umbrella.  So driven by this desire to help others that I worked on Psychic telephone lines, as a volunteer telephone counsellor, as well as a family support worker with children and families.   This gave me many valuable experiences  and opened up opportunity for me to continue learning the tools to assist my clients.   

A large percentage of Readings and Counselling are about Relationships. Relationships cover a wide variety of areas in a person's life. There are Relationships with parents, siblings, children, friendships, partners, work colleagues and the relationship one has with oneself. 

     Counselling & Guidance                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

 Sometimes people prefer to have just Counselling. Counselling IS NOT A TAROT READING.

          It's your session and we don't need to use cards at all.   Our sessions are confidential and respectful of another's beliefs and feelings. Clients are welcome to make appointments for follow up sessions. Our sessions together are personal and many do not tell others about their experience.  We are dealing with a person's private life and not everyone will discuss the contents of their life, so its really generous when they do.   

  There is NO need to have a Reading prior to making an appointment for Counselling.  Readings are not everyone's way and we respect that. 


Please Call for your appointment.  0413 610 920                                                                                                                                                                            Telephone sessions at present. Face to face when the world is in balance again. 

Counselling can help