A Gift From Mother Earth.

I look forward to coming into the shop and being surrounded by crystals  -

Crystals can us bring harmony, healing, peace of mind, love, confidence, acceptance, strength, energy, beauty, positivity, abundance, success, help open up the third eye,  recharge our energy... and the list goes on. 

 We can find our own meaning or you can read up about our many different stones as we have many books available. Be guided by your inner guide, Your guide knows exactly what you need. And I am here to help. You can choose from natural rough earthy, or tumbled stones, hearts, obelisks, amplifiers, carved animals, double terminator Pendants, Pendulums. There are beautiful stones set in silver to wear around your neck, rings or bracelets. So much to choose from. 

 Need help or looking for the right one to give a friend? Ask, I am happy to work with you. 

  Want to know more about crystals and how to use them?  If you wish to attend a Using Crystals workshop,  please enquire using the website contact us page. 

[No current classes or workshops available until we get the all clear.]