Dowsing - Pendulum work


Heather Wilks - Dowsing Heals 

What is Dowsing? 

                                   Dowsing is also known as divination. Besides Pendulums there are different ways to divine [get information]                                                    For example -sticks were used to find water, etc. 

The book pictured was written here in Melbourne by Heather Wilkes and we currently have a few copies available here at Oracle Wisdom:                                 74 Patterson rd. Bentleigh 3204

We have other books & many different Pendulums in natural stones, metal and Organite.  We offer Pendulum workshops for Beginners and Advanced students.  Participants  do fun and interesting activities learning how to connect, ethics, psychic development, asking questions, finding objects. 


*Please use the contact us link on the back page to be on our list to contact once we reintroduce classes. Currently all classes have been postponed.