Tapping PointsFastEFT (also known as "Tapping").

Fast Emotionally-Focused Transformation evolved from  Emotional Freedom Technique ("EFT"), a balancing therapy that involves tapping on specific meridian points in the body. The purpose of EFT is to return our current mind-and-body connection to a state of harmony and balance, so we are not being overrun by negative emotions.

FastEFT is the evolution of EFT to a simpler, faster series of Tapping.

Heather Wilkes is an accomplished facilitator, teaching us to use this technique to help ourselves with this form of rapid Tapping to bring healing to all areas of our lives. 

Through 2016 we have had a number of FasterEFT workshops, where participants learned and used this technique to focus upon areas such as Food addictions, Money Issues and Fear of Success. Interesting,  it can be used with many age groups quite successfully. 

Heather also works with private clients dealing with a variety of issues such as anxiety.