Readings - Experiences


 After so many years providing Readings for many people there are a few cases that stand out. I usually prefer to forget as these are their stories, not mine. But, being human one cannot help but be touched by others from time to time. 

 My first week on a Psychic line. Wow!                                                                                                                                                                                                     A woman called and asked - am I pregnant? I cant feel anything and reply... If you had sex within the last couple of days or last night I cannot answer. The fertilisation has not happened yet.  But you need to go outside!. She continues to talk and find myself repeating 'you need to go outside'. I start to think I must be crazy, what am I saying? She then tells me that she has Agoraphobia. I write it down to look up later as then I didn't know!  Made sense to her!


We were at a New Age Fair in Rosebud, Victoria, at least 20 years ago. I was sitting at my little table, shuffling my cards, preparing myself for my day. I glanced up and my eyes fell upon a little boy about 7 years old, clinging to his mum. The pain in his little face tore my heart. I walked over to his mother and asked her if he would like a free reading. He said no. I sat there for a bit and they came back. She said he had changed his mind. [how brave!] You cannot do the same things with little kids like you would do with an adult so I asked for guidance and gave him some instructions. I said a few things to him, but then quietly to his mum. The message was for her. - 'You and your partner/husband are fighting a lot and this poor little boy cant handle it. You see, his alliance is with you, he feels your pain, and feels helpless, he cant help you and its tearing him apart. Do something about it.  

A few months later I received a call, 'Do you remember me? My son had a Reading with you in Rosebud.... I'd like to make an appointment.  Pleased to say our reading in Rosebud made her think about the consequences to her children and she had decided to leave her husband. She was happy in a new relationship when she came to see me. Its very special when clients return to share their happy news.