Palmistry For Beginners 

                            Do you have a stubborn thumb?  

                      Did you know that the lines in your hands change every few months?

Palmistry is about the practice of interpreting a person's character, their career inclinations, possible health issues and some future direction by looking at their hands.  Its far more interesting than just the palm of the hand, we look at major lines, hand and finger shapes, colour, texture, patterns such as chains, etc. We also compare both hands, - what you are born with and what is developing.  

The next Palmistry For Beginners Workshop is SUNDAY 9TH OCTOBER 2016

Time : 2-5 pm  [Arrive by 1.45 pm] 

Fee is $60 with a Deposit $30 [If paid by Sept 30th 2016


Enrolments have begun. please contact us using the links on the contact us page.  

 Our limit is  10/12 Participants