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The Awakening

Meditation, Personal, Spiritual & Psychic Development


SORRY! - no current date set. May resume  Monday evenings @ 7 – 8.50 pm in 2017 

Unfortunately the removal of the boom gates and building of the underground railway at McKinnon "stuffed up" all our classes for at least 6 months. It is now too late to begin this growth group this year. We do however aim to provide an interesting learning group in 2017. Please write to us on the contact using the contact us link on the back page. 


In this weekly group we will practice meditation - a base for all spiritual work. We will talk about and practice PROTECTION as a ritual. We will also examine various forms of protection and cleansing. In this practical group we will look at Dream interpretations and channelling; discuss various subjects such as Karma and the Law of Attraction. Activities – Rituals - Full Moon releasing, Psychometry Readings and more.

This is the place to bring your questions, experiences and dreams. Come learn about Spirit, deal with any fears that may be attached to those experiences and be better prepared to deal with life.