Tarot -Learning


For many years, Paula at Oracle Wisdom has taught or facilitated classes for people to learn how to read Tarot cards. In the past, using the Rider Waite Tarot deck we had a course consisting of 28 weekly classes. We did not study or memorise the cards in our 2 hour sessions, rather we learned through story telling, life experiences and many discussions on how each person experiences each card.

 The full course duration took most of the year, which now in this fast moving world is a large commitment of time.

 I redesigned the course to be 6 full Sunday TAROT WORKSHOP plus 6 Wednesdays for 2 hours.  [practical work] . Each day begins @10.30 am and finishes by 5 pm. We have a 40 min break for lunch.   This is fast-moving Tarot workshop.

Is it difficult? Not really: feedback from previous participants has been extremely positive - and we all have fun!  At the end of the workshop, most participants gain confidence by reading for people they have never met before (although there is no obligation to do so).  This new, intensive course brings you knowledge and skills that you probably didn't know you had - and in a more manageable block of time. 

This workshop is only for people who are serious to read TAROT cards in a professional manner.

This amazing workshop has a Maximum of  8 participants. 


Additional details are only available by personal application; please use the contact details on the web site contact us page.

Please note that due to Corona Virus all classes have been postponed.