Oracle Wisdom offers a variety of interesting and fun workshops during the year. Some of these are :

  • Coffee Cup Reading – Similar [but not the same] to tea, we explore ritual, symbols and practice readings. [A 2 & half hour workshop]                                                             next Coffee workshop is  Sunday 22 /04/2018
  • Fortune Telling Cards – Together, we explore 4 different decks and how they are used. [2 -3 hrs]
  • Dowsing –  Pendulums
  • Crystals - Not set, but please use contact link and let us know that you are interested.
  • SORRY.  No Palmistry - our teacher broke her leg in a car accident. 


Sorry,  Tarot is set for 2018. We might however have an Introduction To Tarot or invite people to be read by completing students

 Maximum participants  10/11     

Fees, enrolment please apply instore at Oracle Wisdom  or call call Paula .... 0413 610 920