Jun 27

Workshops & Classes

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Apologies to anyone interested in our workshops or classes.

Due to the current major railway work [just 7 doors away] that is causing disruption to all the local businesses, we have had to postpone almost all of our interesting workshops during the rest of June and probably July. We are uncertain at present of the exact dates when we will be able to resume. 

Our station, McKinnon will be the first in the three that are being removed off the street and rebuilt underground. This work here should be finished early August 2106. However, as information is constantly changing, I am reluctant to advertise dates yet.

What can you do?

  1. Please understand our frustration and huge losses to our business.
  2. Come shopping, we need your custom.
  3. Use the contact us forms and let me know what you are interested in as it will help me to place workshops and to let you know.
  4. Share this information with your friends.  

Thanks for the support, Paula