There are many different ways of reading and there are many different readers out there with their own styles. Although the manner in which the reading may be delivered may vary, the basic message will most likely be the same.

Some readers strongly focus is on future developments – giving predictions of what will happen.  Others, will talk about ‘the direction the person/situation is heading’. This is important because the person decides for themselves what they will do.  The act of Reading does not dis-empower a person by telling them what they SHOULD do, rather it brings to light possibilities that may be taken.

A reading with Paula usually addresses the key areas in the client’s life that are important at the time of the reading. This could be - career, business, studies and goals, relationships, marriage, family, children etc, then the direction the person or situation is heading.


Declaring what WILL HAPPEN leaves no room for free will and free choice. And its exceptional important that the person being read makes choices for themselves, with the reader focusing on How to best provide support where the person being read is at this point in time.


The “tools’ Paula uses are often Tarot cards, sometimes Playing or other cards may be used. Other types of readings with Paula are Coffee cups.

Clairvoyance is what the guides are showing the reader – sometimes visions or words, smells etc

Or you can arrange a Palm Reading – where we examine the lines in your hand. All personal readings are by appointment.

Coffee or Tea leaf Reading are usually provided for party or group bookings.

We can provide email readings. These can be Tarot/Gypsy/Fortune Telling or Playing Cards. [All different]