Readings by eMail or Telephone

You can have a Reading without being present.

Email Readings. This can be done with Tarot, Gypsy, Playing cards, Fortune Telling or Lenormand cards. Your permission to do this is granted by you contacting us with your questions, we will reply with options for you to choose from. We can then arrange a reading to suit your needs and inform you of the fee and how to pay. These Readings are provided by Esther. [Also Natal Charts & Astrology] Esther is great with Fortune Telling, Lenormand and Kipper cards... actually all the cards that most other readers and other people don't understand.  

Usually you will receive your Email reading  within 7 - 10 days after payment has been received. 


Reading with Paula. 

I am a Counselling Clairvoyant and currently provide Readings and Guidance on the phone. Not email readings.  I work mostly as a Psychic [not with the logical mind] and it does not work for me tune into the person and type.  Readings are by appointment.   30/45/60 or 90 minute Readings 

Paid by credit card or direct bank deposit.             Call to make an appointment. 0413 610 920