Tarot and other card Readings



Out of the many different types of cards, the Tarot is the most widely recognised. A Tarot deck is unique in that it has 78 cards and there are no strict rules or patterns for reading. Although there are many different Tarot decks available today, what they have in common is :- 2 groups of cards - Major Arcana and Minor Arcana and that they all have 78 cards. Confused? That's ok, and why people enrol in classes to learn. 

For a reading these cards are shuffled and chosen face down [pattern side up, not pictures] at what appears to be random. Then the reader interprets what he/she sees/feels or even hears. The cards are often not interpreted literally and can act as a psychic trigger for the reader. So trying to work out each card, one by one, in a Tarot reading may be pointless.  What is interpreted does not necessarily represent the future, but rather a possibility, based in the belief that our future is not fixed and we do have free will and free choice  - we can make some changes [over ourselves]. 


Other cards belong in completely different categories. Many of these cards have fairly strict systems of reading. These are often referred to as Fortune Telling Cards, or Gypsy cards.  Lenormand, Kipper cards or Playing Cards are such cards . [Plus many more] They can vary from 25 cards to 40 and are nothing like TAROT cards. 

Unlike Europe, or America, Lenormand cards are not very well-known here in Australia, although interest is growing in these unusual and beautiful card decks. Although different, they can be uncannily accurate.  

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