Glass Figurines

 Glass ornaments and Crystal Figurines

Glass -  My favourite is the beautiful Peacock with its feathers spread behind him. Sea shells - people ask if they are real, they look so good.   Pink Elephant, pink pig, pink Flamingo, Blue swirly glass elephants... 

Extra large [paper weight] ball with fish and bits inside. Small version of the same balls also available.  Coloured Jelly fish paper weights, in 2 sizes. Kids love these. Chooks, Roosters, Dolphins, Ducks, Penguin, Elephants, Sea Gulls...  New in - a beautiful blue Stingray. 

A lovely selection of modern glass -blue, cat, elephant, dolphin. swan and duck. great gifts from around $20

Lead Crystal - A spiritual symbol a sparkling Lotus - in different colours and sizes.  These look extra special on the turning coloured lights.                                                                                 Tulips - simple and pretty. assorted colours [not many left]  Coloured crystal diamonds in 5 sizes. ... these are low now. 

Holograms - Crystal shapes with pictures within. Such as fairies, dolphins, Astrological signs etc