Necklaces in all colours, or silver or gold. Colourful beads to match or offset your outfits. Great gifts. Some with matching earrings.

Earrings - from tiny coloured flowers, bling, butterflies, owls. dragonflys. Coloured feathers, Peacock feathers, Pentagrams,  Hamsas, Spiders and Gothic themes, 

Bangles and Bracelets,  -- Ankle bracelets [from $8)

Gorgeous big, wild earrings...

Colourful Cord wrist ties with sterling silver bits. Very popular with the young ones. 

Natural stone bracelets. All sorts of stones and suitable for male and female.

Try a Lava stone bracelet with a drop of your favourite essential oil on it, The Lava stone is porous and absorbs the oil, gently releasing the scent. 


Something for everyone.