Natural Stones

Oracle Wisdom has a huge range of crystals available in store. 

When speaking of 'crystals' we are usually referring to stones from the earth, including semi -precious, in different grades. Usualy the higher grade stones are used in jewellery, while tumbles are lessor grades and therefore cheaper. 

These range from Amethyst Caves, Geodes, Palmstones, Carved Animals, Buddhas, Obelisks, Healing Wands, Specimens, Agate Slices, Pyramids, and tumbles

There is also a selection of Sterling Silver with natural stones in Pendants, Earrings and a few Rings. 


 As choosing crystals takes time, and we dont wish to rush you - a good time to shop and experience the wonderful energy of all the crystals, its best to come on a Saturday, between 10.30 and 2 PM.

Many children enjoy collecting crystals and are welcome in store. However, there are many breakable items including glass, and throwing crystals will break them, therefore -parent are requested to accompany children under 10. Responsibilty for all breakages is on the parent.