Smudging & Palo Santo

 Smudging & Palo Santo.

We smudge to cleanse. When we smudge we often burn Sage. Or a special mix of herbs.  The most popular is American white Sage. We burn the sage to cleanse the environment of any negativities leftover from others, we smudge New Houses, Offices, When we have been robbed or gone through a difficult experience. We smudge in particular where someone has passed away. Sage is also available -pure, crushed onto a stick, like incense, but not incense. 

Palo Santo translates to Holy Wood. The pieces are from Peru. When a branch falls from the tree it is cut up and transported to places like Australia where we burn it. We burn it for Blessings. First you Smudge, then you Bless. I often recommend Palo Santo when a person is having anxiety, or going through crisis. 

Becoming very poplar is a Spray. You spray it sideways in front of you and then step into it. Breathe, relax and take a moment for yourself.  Because its NOT smoke, it smells lovely and most people feel the effect. 

Sage. Sage and Lavender, Sage and SweetGrass, Sage and PaloSanto and Palo Santo alone. 


Ask Paula to show you.  Post can be arranged.